Kick The Flame is an independent publisher - big enough to provide a full range of publishing services and yet small enough to guarantee individual counseling. Where other companies scale down services, we rather invest in manpower.

We are a team of six co-workers and a couple of high specialized regular freelancers that works for around 100 active artists with a repertoire of around 6,000 titles. Hence we know our catalogue very well and are able to offer a broad service to every artist. We enjoy working with artists who we actually like and who we support by heart.

Kick The Flame represents a wide range of music. Our excellent ratio of manpower and catalogue size as well as the highly diverse repertoire allows us to work with a very well curated catalogue. This is the reason for our high reputation, especially among music supervisors we've worked with. We are able to pitch the perfect fit to their briefs. 

Your peer and publisher

Kick The Flame is member of the organization of German independent music companies VUT and member of the German music publisher organization DMV. Founder Rajk Barthel is spokesperson of the Regional Council East of VUT and delegate at the GEMA for the affiliated and extraordinary publisher members, which means that our standing within the industry is good and we are trusted by our peers. A&R Markus Rennhack is delegate for the composers at GEMA, which reflects the trust of the authors as well. Everyone at Kick The Flame has a background as artist, author or music supervisor. We are experts in publishing with a deep understanding of musicians’ needs and worries as well as of the needs and demands of our licensees

André Lummer
Publishing- & Label Management
Markus Rennhack
Creative, A&R, Licensing
Rajk Barthel
Owner, Managing Director
Jasmin Adgezalov
Backoffice, Copyright Management
Korinna König
Head of Sync-Departement
Philipp Scholz
Creative, A&R, Product Management
Sebastian Starke
Sync Management, Supervisor (freelancer)
Fabian Schütze
Edition Analogsoul, Edition Golden Ticket & Golden Ticket Booking (freelancer)
August Hoffmann
Assistance Publishing (freelancer)
Lukas Schöttner
Assistance Sync & Repertoire (freelancer)