Since 2011, singer-songwriter Miša’s variable and expressive voice has circled and spiraled around a complex and multilayered analog-electronic instrumental core; this is the music of Annuluk.

Annuluk makes an unusual and intentional abdication, choosing not to use any language in its music: instead releasing Misa to vocalize freely and artfully in a fantastical mystical language. This may initially seem strange and foreign to the listener, but in choosing this form of expression Annuluk challenges their audience to open themselves to the universal connecting spirit of music.

Starting from a root of archaic shamanistic singing, the band members, sensitive to each other’s musical motions, allow the music to evolve smoothly into modern urban rhythms
and electronical sounds. Again Annuluk may challenge the listener with unusual changes - while the music may grow in intensity and speed it may also drop in volume, inviting the listener to lean forward and back at the same time. After their Debut “Ushna” (2013) the Global-World-Pop-formation Annuluk from Leizpig/Jena presented their EP “MalaM” a year later. “MalaM” means “night” in Indonesian ”. It describes symbolically the old wish for a necessary worldwide awakening. “MalaM” came out as a double pack with the Remix collection“Metamorphosis”.

Annuluk does not want to reach the listener as a consumer but as a human being. Annuluk wants to encourage the listener to feel free of guilt and take over full responsibility for our life, to meet each other and our world peacefully and with love and respect. We are creators of our material entity and with that comes an enormous responsibility- one which we have to experience consciously. The musical virtuosity of Annuluk does not serve itself - more so it is another tool to create a whole music that is fascinating, appealing, and significant. Annuluk is award winner of the Creole Mitteldeutschland 2013 and was decorated Best Newcomer with the VIA VUT INDIE Award 2014.