Black  Sea  Dahu  are  singer-songwriter  Janine  Cathrein and  a  gang  of  musical  cohorts.  Think:  Modern-day  Ken  Kesey  and the  Merry  Pranksters.  But  instead  of dropping copious  amounts  of  LSD  and  driving  around  in  a  VW  mini-bus,  they  trip out  on  sound  and  studio-related  cabin  fever.  They  also  make  some  of  the  most searing, contemporary,  Urban  Folk around!

With internationally acclaimed albums, sold-out club tours throughout Europe, major festival concerts and support shows, Black Sea Dahu are now one of the most renowned and celebrated indie acts in this country. With Janine Cathrein, the band has an exceptional singer, lyricist and composer, who manages to draw a completely own indie-folk design with her collective. By now, Black Sea Dahu is followed by more than 200,000 people on their channels.

Black Sea Dahu is published by Mouth Watering Records and sub-published by Kick the Flame.