“It’s an extraordinary piece of music. It’s the work of twobrothers, Sebastian on cello and Daniel on piano. I saw them premiere tracksfrom their new album at a gig that I went to in Berlin. This is a project which iswritten about the buildings that surrounded them in their childhood, growing upon the streets of East Berlin.“

Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 6 Music

Born in East Berlin and now based out of Potsdam, the poly-instrumental composer duo Brueder Selke are Sebastian Selke on cello and Daniel Selke on piano. With an improvisational essence characterised by a sensitive interaction with the lack of material goods learnt in Communist-era GDR times, as CEEYS,the duo have released an anthology of works focussing on themes from their East German childhood. But far from losing themselves in a banal Ostalgie, thei latest predominantly acoustic double album HAUSMUSIK poses questions of individual balance and plural harmony in the present day.

Sebastian and Daniel can be heard on numerous filmmusic productions, albums and projects. Collectively, their beautiful abstract compositions have received excellent feedback from music press, colleagues and audience alike. Their duo works can be found on renowned labels including 1631 Recordings, Oscarson, 7K!, Lady Blunt Records, Neue Meister, Gregory Euclide’s legendary Thesis Project with Peter Broderick and Daniel O’Sullivan of Constant Presence, Canadian content provider LandR and are used on television formatsand streaming platforms worldwide.