CATTs music is always an experience. Her pure voice feels like hope, her playful arrangements encase the journey she takes you on. She sings about the questions of life, about fear, curiosity and change. Her words are simple and clear like a walk through the forest.            

CATT grew up in the woods of northern german nowhere. Somewhere between the sparsely populated farmland, classical piano- and trombone music and the wish to escape the narrowness of the country life.            

Her self-released song »Moon« in 2018 was a strong first signal of her colorful piano-playing and her voice floating above warm vocal- and brass arrangements. Since then the multi-instrumentalist recorded, produced and released her »Moon« EP and developed a unique and captivating musical world.            

CATTs debut album »WHY, WHY« has been released in November 2020. Inspired by the place she loved the most since she was young – the forest – and her creativity to make the best of any surrounding, she self produced the album in an artist residence far enough away from the city.