During a long winter a couple of years ago, Daniel found himself reminiscing about his first love: the piano. In his spare time, he rekindled his passion by resuming his evening sessions of playing. Sometimes, it was merely a brief interlude for relaxation, while other times, he would become completely absorbed for hours on end. The piano ceased to be a mere pastime and became a state of mind—an immersive experience. Initially, Daniel had intended to revisit the classics—the music that had enraptured him during his early days of studying the instrument. Composers such as Bach, Chopin, Farrenc, Schumann, and Joplin held a special place in his heart. However, everything changed when he embarked on a transformative journey to Iceland. It was there that he realized the need to create his own piano compositions—music that would be inspired by nature, landscapes, personal encounters, and his own individual experiences.

“A Piano Quest” is a musical remembrance dedicated to the landscapes and sites Daniel O’Rhys has visited over the last years. Every piece by the German pianist and composer is related to a special place, a journey.

"The music creates a true connection. With the surroundings, the people, the stories and the journey itself. It would not have been created without these things. They are special moments at special points on this planet captured in music. They are not purely musical descriptions of landscapes - the individual pieces are more like drawings in a very personal diary."

says Daniel O’Rhys. “A Piano Quest” tries to capture these drawings in a re-invented form of a piano concert. The pianist plays his music on a piano surrounded by a beautiful field of dried flowers. The poetic pictures are interrupted by highly aesthetic excursions into nature and the personal story and memories of Daniel O'Rhys.