Daniel O'Rhys' first album "The Skálholt Suite" is a string of six cinematic piano compositions for Piano and Electronic Ambience inspired by a journey to Island.

Daniel O'Rhys in his own words:

"... But of course it is much more! All the encounters with people, landscapes, mountains, troughs and myself were turned into music and became that suite. The "Prelude" starts the journey and "Rain Road" was written on a stormy day on the road, right after arrival. "Reykir Window" describes the view from a window in the little town of Reykir. A revolting landscape, but different with each view. The piece "Wren" is inspired by the one of europes smallest birds but with an incredibly loud voice you can hear for miles through the mist. "Skálholt", the title given piece, is a tribute to that town and its people. And finally I've called the 6th part of the Suite " Bakki Aria". "Aria" means nothing else than melody. This is what I wanted it to be and feel like. A simply melody, hummed at the coast of this magnificent Island! "

Tom Streller shot an stunning video for “Prelude” that shows Daniel performing the song and is set in cinematic nature shots and vibrant colors:

Daniel has an awesome instagram account that features travelphotographs, f. ex. A journey through Island that was part of the creative flow for “The Skáland Suite”.   And another passion: Daniel is collecting vintage travel postcards and presents them on his channel.