Easy Easy returns with new music this year. A reflection of a short but not yet finished journey of mental and physical breakdowns, feeling low and getting high. Wrapped up in an inconsistent stream of thoughts and brought to life by co-producers Leon Sieland and Leon Laguna de la Vera.

 They come from cologne and owe their name to an arm tattoo of one of their members. Last year they supported acts like Hippo Campus, Some Sprouts and Sportfreunde Stiller, played several Festivals and sold-out concerts and were able to break the sacred mark of one million streams. EP number 3 [Echoes etc. Vol. 1] will be their strongest and most complete work yet - connecting the vibe of their debut EP [lemon squeezy] and the drive of their second [sleet].

 Since they emerged 2021 out of their bedroom studios with relaxed songs about skateboarding, partying, and hangover depression they developed a sound of their own. Easy Easy’s musical year 2023 kicks off with “stonecage” followed by “schädel”.

 On Stage Luis Seinsche [guitar], Merdi Mavuidi [guitar], Robin Frank [drums] and Julien Schenk [bass] follow Carlo Lüdorf [vocals, guitar] into an infectious performance of intense and sometimes unintentional anarchistic entertainment which incorporates pop influences alongside a foundation of synth, programmed beats and real drums. The audience, too, is being taken to task. An Easy Easy concert is teamwork. The band leaves no doubt about that. Easy Easy unites with their fans in an unstoppable force of a new wave feel good indie acid trip with a short cover of Cher’s Believe on the way.