LNA (pronounced: ELENA) is an artist and producer from Nuremberg. What began in 2019 as an indie-folk project under her real name "Elena Steri" has rapidly transformed over the last two years into electro-pop with indie influences and potential for the big stages. This is evident from the fact that the 24-year-old played the Reeperbahn Festival, Waves Vienna and c/o pop in 2022 and has already been booked as a support act for indie artists such as Anaïs, Jesper Munk and Mayberg.

Elena Steri writes compelling song miniatures with depth that melt in with her bendy and delicate voice taking up the space right next to the listener’s heart.

In her music, she talks about topics like mental health or what it means to be a nonmale person in this day and age, asking for change with an outspokenness that isdemanding and yet empowering. It makes you feel like you’re the main character, even though the songs are so personal and close to the woman’s own stories. It teaches usthat there is power in being sensitive.