In a world full of perishableness and pressure, it’s a protest to be highly strung.
Elena Steri writes compelling song miniatures with depth that melt in with her bendy and delicate voice taking up the space right next to the listener’s heart.

Her lyrics help her process everything on her mind – but whether it’s the carelessly nostalgic or the cryptically serious way she chooses, she sticks to being sincere without compromising. At the end of the day you’ll see a young woman bluntly putting her emotions in a nutshell which is exactly what makes her an exceptional songwriter of her kind. After her feature back in 2020 with A Tale Of Golden Keys that hit over a 700.000 plays on Spotify, she published her EP “Chaotic Energy” over Berlin-based Label Listenrecords in July 2021.

Since her live debut in February 2019 she has already been booked as a supporting act for artists like Tomberlin, Wallis Bird and Jesper Munk. Furthermore she has recently been featured on BR PULS Startrampe, has been awarded several times and has worked with several bands on the ascending musical branch (e.g. Blackout Problems and Maffai).