Born 1983 in the German capital of Berlin, pianist Johanna Borchert was already at a young age showing potential as a musically gifted prodigy who, aside from a traditional familiarization with the classics, continued to bloom, an emerging talent in the modern music scene. Sources of her inspiration are as far-ranging as Bach, Debussy and Bartôk to jazz musicians such as Thelonious Monk and Keith Karrett and also contemporary composers Messiaen, Cage and Ligeti to name a few.                
Furthermore a semester abroad studying classical Indian “carnatic” music helped further her musical expression with the piano and fostered her development as a vocalist. After completing her studies in composition and jazz piano under the tutelage of David Friedman, Hubert Nuss and Django Bates among others at the “Universität der Künste“ in Berlin and the “Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium” in Copenhagen Johanna Borchert is now part of the driving force of the young Berlin avant-garde jazz scene.                
Touring with various bands throughout the world she is making a name for herself as a singer, composer and above all else as an exceptional pianist. She is mostly known through her bands Schneeweiss & Rosenrot and Little Red Suitcase with whom she toured through many European countries as well as the US, Canada and Asia. As a co-leader of Schneeweiss & Rosenrot she won the „New German Jazz prize“ in 2012 and was (2006, 2008, 2012) three times nominated for the Danish Music awards with her Copenhagen based Duo Little Red Suitcase.                
October 2012 she released her debut as a piano Soloist, named „Orchestre Ideal“. The CD FM Biography, released in october 2014 by enja and featuring British guitarist Fred Frith, Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius, and New Yorker bassist Shahzad Ismaily, has enough explosive power that jazz fans and pop, rock, and avant-garde fans will all respond in the same way.                
Since 2010 she is touring under her own name with her solo program, in which she appears not only as an outstanding piano player but also as a singer of very personal character. Johanna Borchert’s performance on the program FM-Biography partly from her earlier CD Orchestre Idéal and partly solo. With grand piano, partly prepared, whose strings are bowed or plucked, as well as synthesizer and her voice. Sometimes with sound or video installation, sometimes without.