The songs of the Leipzig singer/songwriter Karo Lynn are handmade and honest; typical for the indie folk genre. Emotional, but at the same time full of power, she sings about what fills our lives again and again. Here some love, there some life, elsewhere a breath of longing. Karo Lynn combines these emotions on her debut album "Frames" from 2016. Her second album "Outgrow" will be released in October 2019. Much more detailed, complex and profound she makes her music with her unusually strong voice an emotional event. Her songs form an interplay of closeness and distance, expressing a dissension that does not remain hidden from the audience. When text and heart combine, their personality shows itself. If singing and head are connected, the distance becomes obvious.
Karo Lynn is simply genuine: in focus only the essential. Her songs are carried by rhythms and melodies, which remain in the ear and in memory.