With Klinke auf Cinch, live electronica becomes a musical happening. Deep harmonic arrangements and clattering rhythm foundations created by Clemens Kynast form up the center. Changing vocalists complete the unique line up. The Klinke auf Cinch cosmos is a homogenous continuum, created by curbed house sounds, accelerated Jazz, reduced pop and fragmented hip hop. Musicians’ virtuosity meets cool artificial elegance. Four companions of mastermind Clemens Kynast take care of the vocals. Paula Akinside has already put her mark on the sounds of Klinke’s first release “Palumar” of 2008. Now she’s singing on “tett”. Having shared the microphone on “highs & hills” of 2012, Patrick Föllmer and Martin Hansmann (Hansmann &Klausing) add their voices to “mini” and “clsr”. “Keen” is being sung bei Arpen, who’s collaborated with Clemens Kynast in an interdisciplinary art project. The result are four cooperations at eye level, with the voices influencing the music and vice versa.