A Pleasant Disappointment  Anyone who values loyalty and stylistic consistency will be disappointed with this band in the most pleasant way. LILABUNGALOW is musical self-indulgence. Multi-instrumentalist Patrick Föllmer is the center of a loose cluster of talented musicians, cruising around with LILABUNGALOW, living in it and building on it.

The lightness of a weekend house in the countryside (“lila” is German for purple) is indeed the inspiration for the joint work of the band. No obligations, no master plan, always in search of a common architectural vision for their LILABUNGALOW. Song-sketches are changing hands, ripening a while until their musicality is understood and they can be finished. During this process the band resembles more a caravan in motion than a standing bungalow. Patrick Föllmer doesn’t pussyfoot around with his musical concept: the songs belong on stages and the music demands to happen in front of crowds. To handle an instrument in a professional way is one thing, simultaneously delivering slinky dance moves are entirely another.

The result is pop with a false bottom. Conventional stereotypes and listening habits are cited, accelerated, reversed and reanimated. Of course you can call that Electro Indie, or more poetically, a bouquet of flowers, but in the end there will be someone saying: “Only Goulash tastes the best!” What really happens: Somewhere from shimmering electropop, driving funk pearls and a demanding electric guitar Föllmer is performing texts about the great universals of life: men, women, to live and let live.