The Cinematic Folk Pop by Kyiv-born, Berlin-based Singer-Songwriter MASHA THE RICH MAN is a warm embrace that dreams you away into a more genuine world. Masha The Rich Man is the project of German Jewish Ukrainian artist Maria »Mascha« Raykhman. Through her melancholic folk-pop, the artist creates a timeless parallel world that welcomes listeners into a state of loneliness. Masha’s lyrics are about world-weariness, dreams, formative memories and at the same time mark the beginning of her self-healing. Thematic references to mental health, gender diversity and female empowerment span the arc from intimate narratives to current social discourse. The songs merge bitterness and warmth as if MARINA woke up to the melody of an Eastern European fairytale and went back to sleep as Regina Spektor tucking you in while watching Film Noir classics. Coping with trauma can indeed sound great.

MASHA THE RICH MAN's debut single "His Rebel Heart", produced by Novaa, tells Mascha's story of moving from Ukraine to Germany when she was 4 and how it affected her relationship with her family. Six singles later, in January 2023 her debut album "Sheyne Ziere" was released along with the last single, which is about the love for her grandmother, who gave her this Yiddish nickname. "Sheyne Ziere - "Beautiful Creation" or according to the grandma also "a being that is beautiful inside and out".