MKSM stands for Maksim – name of the singer, songwriter, violinist, and activist. As an openly gay repatriate, he has lived in Russia, in the Ukraine, in Frankfurt and in London, and lives at present in Berlin.

After winning an “LGBTQ Music Award”, writing campaign songs for LGBTIQ+ initiatives and organizations and performing at the virtual GLOBAL PRIDE on the European Highlight Stage, MKSM released his first EP HIGH ON LOWS in 2021 and the Pride track LOVE IN THE DARK together with the queer artist LEOPOLD.

In addition to numerous PRIDES in Germany, MKSM’s Pride Tour 2022 also took him to the UK and Italy – for the first time ever. After the release of TRACKS IN MINOR, DEEZER described the singer and songwriter as one of the most interesting newcomers in Germany. MKSM’s second EP FEELINGS OF A MISFIT is OUT NOW – it was released on October 28, 2022 on Milch Musik, the label of Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer. ARD Brisant and rbb Studio 3 reported on the release and the artist.