She Owl is a power duo formed in 2013 by Jolanda Moletta and
Demian Endian, multi-instrumentalists and kindred spirits. 
Most of She Owl’s songs were born touring at both edges of the western world:
their blend of dream pop and cinematic storytelling is described as a
"magical place where a beautiful voice wraps you in a soft embrace and
tells you it's okay to be lost and not afraid”.
Onstage Jolanda and Demian play traditional, modern and unconventional
instruments, not only focusing on killing with style, but also on finding a
creative connection between the performer and the audience through symbols and
The aim is to find an emotional link with the lives of the listeners, to widen
out the inner and outer boundaries of pop culture, as well as building bridges
between the feminine world and the male-centered world. 
Grown up together in Italy, the nomadic couple lived so far in San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Paris and Leipzig.