Timo Scharf, fka SON, is a prolific singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Germany.

In 2015, after ten years of working within social and youth services, Timo decided to push the physical boundaries of his already significant experience and became a travelling busking artist building upon that artistry from his formative musical career. Time Scharf, then known as SON travelled and performed continuously, within six months, across four continents.

After this extensive exploration his music has grown and the lyrics have gained a platform from which to speak loudly and be heard. In 2016 he played over sixty shows including support for Swedish songwriter Kristoffer Bolander and German born Matze Rossi on his “Ich fange Feuer“ tour. In 2017 he played many concerts and supported artists Lisa Who and Judith Holofernes. Extensive touring and performing has developed Timo’s sound into territory occupied by contemporaries Josh Rouse, Jakob Dylan and Wilco.

Timo’s music is as wandering and explorative as his travels; lyrically he has been informed by and examines human vulnerability and yet the decided forbearance of the songs allows for a measured and hopeful cadence. Timo shares his autobiographical experiences fearlessly with the listener and, frankly, it’s deeply appreciated.