CassMae meets Sadhguru and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on her first journey from Germany to India


March 1, 2024

CassMae’s first journey to India was focussed on visiting the Isha Yoga Centre, founded by renowned Indian Yogi Sadhguru.

[Coimbatore, south India] – 21 year old CassMae (full name Cassandra Mae Spittmann), an extraordinary Singer- Songwriter from Duisburg, Germany, has become incredibly popular on social media for her enchanting covers of Indian classical songs. Having been born blind, CassMae aims to raise awareness for a more inclusive society through her music, and is inspiring hundreds of thousands of followers both in Europe and in India. 

CassMae’s visit to India was focussed around the Isha Yoga Centre, situated in the foothills of the stunning Velliangiri mountains and founded by renowned Indian Yogi Sadhguru. Taking part in a retreat at the centre, CassMae met and sang for Sadhguru, who presented her with a flower garland.

“It’s just so overwhelming, yesterday meeting Narendra Modi, and then today receiving Sadhguru's blessings.” - CassMae

“So many special moments in India have left me just speechless, this one will always be with me now. I am so happy I was able to bring some joy to Sadhguru singing one of his favorite mantras ‘Nirvana Shatakam’. Namaskaram to all of you amazing people at for making my journey so incredible and inspiring.” - CassMae via instagram 

Namaskaram CassMae! Wonderful to have you here with us at the Isha Yoga Center and an absolute treat to hear you sing in a language that knows no barriers: Devotion. You are a
classic example of making an impairment into Empowerment. My Best Wishes & Blessings to you.” - Sadhguru in response via Instagram and Twitter

During her visit to India, CassMae was also invited to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he saw her post on Instagram about her arrival in India and at Isha. He was on a political visit to the nearby city of Palladam. After their meeting, PM Modi tweeted: “Cassandra Mae Spittmann’s love for India is exemplary, as seen in our interaction. My best wishes for her future endeavours.” The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz replied to the tweet

During her stay at the Isha Yoga Centre, CassMae also learnt Yoga practices for inner wellbeing, experienced Indian cultural traditions and temples, and heard about the foundation’s multiple ecological and social outreach efforts (including the Save Soil movement). Isha Yoga Centre is dedicated to raising human consciousness, helping individuals shift to healthier lifestyles, seek a higher level of self-fulfilment, and realise their full potential.

When I’ll go back to Germany I will let all the impressions of India sink in and will have many new ideas for writing songs.” - CassMae

At the age of three, CassMae became deeply fascinated by Chopin, so she started improvising on the piano, playing her first melodies and eventually singing her own songs. Her musical journey has led her to win multiple awards (including the UK Songwriting Content (category POP), Dein Song Christmas Special (ZDF)), with performances in prestigious venues including the German Parliament (in front of Jürgen Dusel and Dr. Angela Merkel). In September 2023 she was called the “German daughter of India“ by Narendra Modi who talked about CassMae in his 105th episode of his radio show Maan Ki Baat for singing in various Indian languages.