Disillusion: New Album AYAM Out Now


November 4, 2022

Today is the day we have been waiting for so long:
Today we celebrate the release of AYAM - the new album from Disillusion.

Angry Metal Guy has reviewed the whole thing and we have nothing to add to his verdict, except that we agree 100%:
Disillusion are at a creative peak, a testament to their resilience and willingness to overcome setbacks and push boundaries. Ayam is a triumph on multiple levels, a breathtaking progressive metal opus that shows Disillusion at the peak of their powers.

The release will be celebrated today with a release show at WERK2 in Leipzig
For all those who can't make it today, there are more shows:
10.12. in Bautzen
27.01. in Munich
28.01. in Vienna

Tickets available here