Martin Kohlstedt - LUV - The dawn of a new era

October 28, 2022

Single Release - LUV

The dawn of a new era

LUV is the beginning of a completely new story and this piece already illuminates some of the worlds Martin will be traversing with you in the close future: LUV was the first, completely intuitive thought for a new album. A thought that he was able to preserve in the emotional state he was in through the first minutes after appearing and that he could rescue over into eternity. Today he is able to share this initial spark caught in amber with us!

The album based on it, "Feld", will see the light of day next spring and can be pre-ordered starting today. So if all the stars align, we'll celebrate this new release with almost 30 concerts all over Europe. Check it out and check again once in a while – new cities are added weekly.